m (-es/-as) archdeacon

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  • Archdeacon — Arch dea con, n. [AS. arcediacon, archidiacon, L. archidiaconus, fr. Gr. ?. See {Arch }, pref., and {Deacon}.] In England, an ecclesiastical dignitary, next in rank below a bishop, whom he assists, and by whom he is appointed, though with… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • archdeacon — noun Etymology: Middle English archedeken, from Old English arcediacon, from Late Latin archidiaconus, from Late Greek archidiakonos, from Greek archi + diakonos deacon Date: before 12th century a clergyman having the duty of assisting a diocesan …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • archdeacon — archdeaconate, archdeaconship, n. /ahrch dee keuhn/, n. 1. an ecclesiastic, ranking next below a bishop and having charge of the temporal and external administration of a diocese, with jurisdiction delegated from the bishop. 2. Rom. Cath. Ch. a… …   Universalium

  • archdeacon — (n.) O.E. arcediacon, from Church L. archidiaconus, from Ecclesiastical Gk. arkhidiakonon chief deacon; see ARCH (Cf. arch ) + DEACON (Cf. deacon) …   Etymology dictionary

  • archdeacon — /atʃˈdikən/ (say ahch deekuhn) noun an ecclesiastic who has responsibilities for the administration of a diocese, with jurisdiction delegated from the bishop. {Middle English, Old English arcediacon, from Latin archidiāconus, from Greek… …   Australian English dictionary

  • archdeacon — [ärch′dē΄kən] n. [ME archedeken < OE arcediacon < LL(Ec) archidiaconus < LGr(Ec) archidiakonos < Gr archos (see ARCH ) + diakonos, servant: see DEACON] a church official ranking just below a bishop or an archpriest: in the Anglican… …   English World dictionary

  • arch|dea|con — «AHRCH DEE kuhn», noun. 1. an assistant to a bishop in the Church of England. He superintends the works of other members of the clergy. 2. a member of a cathedral chapter in the Roman Catholic Church, formerly possessing great temporal and… …   Useful english dictionary

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